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1. About this website

1.1 About its content

This website is intended to provide some manufacturer and network operator independent information about innovative wireless telecommunication and computer networking concepts. Lately, many people have been hearing or talking about MANs - metropolitan area networks - WMANs - their wireless companions - and also about MVNOs - the virtual companions of Mobile Network Operators. All information on this website is provided to our best knowledge, but without any warranty, expressed or implied, and regardless of any trademarks and/or patents. In particular, we do assume responsibility for a good effort of selecting links but not for any content behind other's links. Please note also that there is a strict separation between the content of this website and any advertisments that may appear thereon.

1.2 Imprint

Responsible for this website is Dr. Martin Weigele, Gefotec GmbH Gesellschaft für fortgeschrittene Technologie, Kapellenweg 32, 53179 Bonn, Germany (

The content of this website is provided by Dr. Weigele Consulting ( and is copyright by Dr. Martin Weigele, 2006.

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